With another hot Rocky summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your swimming pool and particularly how much it’s going to cost you this year. Single Speed pool pumps on tariff 11 typically cost between $800 and $1200 per year to run. That’s around $25 a week! Isn’t it time you made the quick change to tariff 33 and started saving money today?

What’s Tariff 33?

Tariff 33 is an economy tariff that provides a cheaper rate per kilowatt hour compared to the general supply tariff and could potentially slash your pool power bills!

Tariff 33 is cheaper because during “peak load” times, power may be cut off to devices on this tariff to help with the increase in power consumption and in exchange the cost of power is reduced. Tariff 33 guarantees power supply for 18 hours per day, more than long enough for even the biggest pool.

According to Ergon Energy, the current price per kilowatt hours for tariff 33 is:

$0.23155 / KWH

Compared to tariff 11’s price of:

$0.27828 / KWH

How do I get tariff 33?

If you’re thinking about putting your pool on tariff 33 in Rockhampton you’ve come to the right place. Affordable Electrical can quickly and easily help cut your pool pump running costs by installing tariff 33 on your pool today! Call us on 0419 737 105 or request a quote for more details.

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