Every house should have smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are often forgotten, left for months or even years without testing, servicing or replacement – of course until they start beeping when the batteries start to go flat.

These small and sometimes annoying little devices are generally the only early warning you’ll get in the event of house fires which damage property and claim countless lives every year in Australia.┬áIn fact, Smoke alarms are such a vital life saving tool that not having them installed is against the law.

Regular testing should be performed at least annually to ensure your alarms are in good working order and will be ready if and when you ever need them.

Smoke Alarms in Rental Properties

In most states and territories in Australia, it is the landlords responsibility to install smoke detectors. If the landlord fails to install smoke alarms, they may be fined. Most major real estate agencies will have the smoke alarms in a rental properly professionally tested every 6 to 12 months.

The bottom line

Smoke alarms have been proven time and time again to save lives, so it’s important to keep up the maintenance. If you’re concerned about your smoke alarms in Rockhampton, contact us today and have your smoke alarms tested or replaced with mains powered photoelectric smoke alarms to give you peace of mind.


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